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MediaDomainCountryLanguageTypologyGlobal rankOverall
1THANH NIENthanhnien.vnViet NamVietnameseGeneral News5570.75
2TUOI TRE tuoitre.vnViet NamVietnameseGeneral News8268.75
3LAO DONGlaodong.vnViet NamVietnameseGeneral News10167.75
4TIEN PHONGtienphong.vnViet NamVietnameseGeneral News19163.00
5NGUOI LAO NamVietnameseGeneral News26861.00
6NHAN DANnhandan.vnViet NamVietnameseEnglishChineseFrenchRussianSpanish+5General News32760.00
7SAIGON GIAI NamVietnameseGeneral News61455.00
8AN NINH THE NamVietnameseGeneral News176244.33
9CONG NamVietnameseGeneral News227540.75
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