12 media
MediaDomainCountryLanguageTypologyGlobal rankOverall
1NEW STRAITS News37164.25
2HARIAN News46062.50
3THE News56761.00
4UTUSAN News63260.00
5BERITA News65459.75
6KOSMO! News88056.75
7CHINA News127453.00
8SIN CHEW News127453.00
9THE EDGE SINGAPOREtheedgesingapore.comMalaysiaEnglishFinance211345.50
10THE MALAYSIAN RESERVE TMRthemalaysianreserve.comMalaysiaEnglishFinance219744.75
11ORIENTAL DAILY News227244.00
12THE EDGE MARKETStheedgemarkets.comMalaysiaEnglishChinese+1Finance232743.50
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