13 media
MediaDomainCountryLanguageGlobal rankOverall
1IOL AfricaEnglish9273.00
2NEWS24news24.comSouth AfricaEnglish11771.75
3THE MAIL & AfricaEnglish25367.75
4TIMES AfricaEnglish48363.75
5EYEWITNESS AfricaEnglish82959.50
6DAILY SUNsnl24.comSouth AfricaEnglish88659.00
7DAILY AfricaEnglish106057.25 AfricaEnglish108857.00
9DIE BURGER / BEELDnetwerk24.comSouth AfricaEnglish120455.75
10THE AfricaEnglish124755.25
11DAILY AfricaEnglish223145.00 AfricaZulu263240.50 AfricaEnglish335531.25
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